What are ABW’s warehouse temperatures?

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse offers temperature-controlled warehousing solutions for products requiring storage at mid-temperature (55°F–75°F) ranges. We also provide storage at ambient (or “room”) temperatures (40°F–90°F). Examples of mid-temp warehousing products include pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, confectionery products, snacks, and beverages, and other products susceptible to high heat and humidity such as rice, pasta, flour, spices, and packaging.

Ambient temperature warehousing solutions are typically dry, clean, and well-ventilated – ideal for storing non-perishable products such as bagged, canned, or glass-pack goods, packaging, and CPG products.

ABW does not offer temperature-controlled warehousing solutions for fresh produce, refrigerated, or frozen products needing to be stored below 50°F.