Co-Packaging Services

Co-packaging services, also known as contract packaging, increases the manufacturing flexibility and efficiency of your business by outsourcing the intermediate and/or final packaging processes of your products.

As companies evolve to meet the changing face of retail and eCommerce, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse is there with the resources, equipment, and expertise to meet your unique packaging needs. Whether you are marketing food products, health and beauty aids, household products, pharmaceuticals, or other goods, we have the experience and assets to streamline your secondary packaging processes.

Over the past two decades, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse’s co-packaging services have grown by 10-15 percent year over year. With the benefits of outsourcing seasonal, labor-intensive, and space-consuming operations, more companies are looking for experienced partners. A co-packaging partnership offers a wealth of advantages to our clients, from seamless scalability and more internal manufacturing flexibility to lower costs.

Why Use Co-Packing Services?

Why incorporate co-packaging into your supply chain? With contract packaging you the ability to stay competitive in the retail marketplace by offering more packaging solutions and creating customization for each retail nameplate without the capital and operating expense. Here are a few advantages:

Cost savings

Co-packaging offers professional packaging without tying up capital, equipment, line space, and management infrastructure.

Flexible and agile packing options.

You chose the best packaging application for the product.

Fast turnaround.

Contract co-packing operations already have the line space, labor, quality control, and management infrastructure in place

Focus on what matters.

Using a contract packaging company frees your resources to focus on product development and growing your business.

Co-Packaging Applications

A contract packager can help you deploy a wide range of packaging designs and configurations to accommodate many different needs. Examples include:

  • Retail-ready packaging (e.g., club cases, PDQ trays, counter displays)
  • Promotional packaging (e.g., end-cap displays, holiday/seasonal packaging, combined brands, sample packaging, overwrapping)
  • White-label/private-label branding
  • A/B testing (i.e., running two or more packaging versions to see what sells better)
  • Store-specific or region-specific packaging
  • Re-packaging from bulk

Co-Packaging Services

All of our co-packaging personnel adhere to stringent manufacturing practices and GMPs. A comprehensive Quality Management System is in place to ensure products meet the highest sanitation, safety, and quality control standards.

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse specializes in multiple co-packaging services, including:

Co-Packing for eCommerce

From kitting to bundling to sealing, our eCommerce co-packaging services ensure that your products are ready for either immediate shipment or retail sale.

Secondary Packaging, Re-Packaging, and Reconfiguration

Whether you are introducing new products, planning a promotional campaign, or need to rework damaged products, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse is prepared.

Our services include building half and full pallet displays, floor stands, power wings, SRP’s, and counter displays; inserting/attaching promotional flyers or coupons; and managing customized consignee-specific projects. Our newest piece of equipment is a variable speed cartoner, which forms the carton for the fulfillment, seals the carton, prints the “best by” codes, and checks the weight.

Our Co-Packaging Resources

Our co-packer team can staff up and leverage our internal resources to increase shifts and add lines. We are experienced with high-speed bagging lines, box or theater pack lines, overwrap lines, shoebox lines, and horizontal baggers. We use metal detection equipment, material flexible date code printers, case auto-tapers, and check weighers.

As a longtime logistics partner to some of the world’s most well-known food and snack brands, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse boasts decades of experience coordinating high volume co-packaging programs for every day or seasonal initiatives.

Contact us today to consult with one of our co-packaging experts to learn how you can benefit by integrating our co-packaging services into your supply chain.