Co-Packaging for the Food and Beverage Industry: Scale and Save

Processing and manufacturing food and beverage products requires several moving parts. From processing raw materials to transporting finished goods, securing a logistics provider, and ensuring the final products arrive safely to retail distribution centers, completing the supply chain from start to finish requires resources, space, expertise, and experienced people on the ground.

Leasing facilities, training staff, and managing easily outsourced pieces of the supply chain can be costly for businesses, draining their time and resources. Essential activities such as processing and packaging products require investments in infrastructure.

But, as a business grows, so do the packaging requirements. So, how does an organization scale while keeping expenses down? One option is to use co-packaging services.

What is Co-Packaging?

Co-packaging services (or contract packaging) allow businesses to outsource their primary and/or secondary packaging needs at every stage of the product’s packaging process. Businesses providing co-packaging solutions have the facilities, equipment, trained teams, and operational systems to ensure the job is done efficiently and correctly.

There are several advantages to choosing to partner with a co-packaging provider, including:

Meet Demand Fluctuations

For some industries, demand is highly seasonal; some have multiple demand peaks within each calendar year. Avoid using valuable manufacturing space or line time and needing to hire and train additional staff to meet peak periods by outsourcing your processing or packaging (or both).

Outsourcing packaging also allows your business to scale rapidly, meeting order demands without needing to sacrifice space in your facility or needing to meet rising operational costs. It also postpones fulfillment decisions by giving shippers visibility over final demand before determining the optimal mix of finished products.


There’s no need to make significant investments in equipment, real estate, training, and employees. Using a co-packaging service avoids capital expenditures and reduces operational expenses.

Grow Your Business

Outsourcing the complicated and time-consuming process of packaging your goods frees time to focus on growing your business. Give more attention to product quality, marketing, and business development to maintain your competitive edge in your industry.

A co-packager can help you with a wide range of packaging requirements, including:

  • Retail-ready packaging
  • Promotional packaging
  • White-label/private-label branding
  • A/B testing (running two or more packaging versions to see what sells better)
  • Store-specific or region-specific packaging
  • Re-packaging from bulk

ABW’s Co-Packaging Services

Our facilities, equipment, and team are experienced in maintaining the highest quality standards. We ensure that we adhere to all your quality standards and our safety requirements. We have comprehensive quality controls built into our infrastructure; we don’t leave anything to chance. Atlanta Bonded Warehouse has expertise in several areas of co-packaging and will work alongside you to find the best solution for your needs. We can also help with:

Co-Packaging for eCommerce

Expertly kitted, bundled, and sealed, we ensure eCommerce goods are ready for delivery to retailers or customers. As an experienced 3PL provider, we know what’s required to get your products where they need to go.

Secondary Packaging, Re-packaging and Reconfiguration

We assist businesses with their promotional campaigns, help them launch new products, and fix any damaged packaging as we receive it.

ABW builds counter displays, floor stands, pallet displays, and more; our flexibility allows us to work with your project’s specific needs.

Co-Packaging For a Scalable Business

Working with globally recognized food and beverage brands, ABW is accustomed to handling large volumes of packaging requirements. Our stringent quality control standards mean our services exceed customer expectations and can meet tight deadlines. With decades of experience, we’re passionate about moving goods along the supply chain safely and smoothly.

If you’d like to learn more about how co-packaging services can help your business grow, contact us today to speak with one of our experts.