How the ABW Team Delivers Excellence

Keeping up with supply chain demands, ensuring you’re achieving on-time and in-full deliveries, and protecting the integrity of the freight is complicated. Delays and errors in your supply chain might seem inevitable, but investing in the best equipment and the most experienced and reliable team can iron out specific pain points, improve communication, and ensure your cargo’s on-time delivery.

Founded in 1948, ABW is built on the tenet that a successful business relies on teamwork, collaboration, and integrity. Delivering first-rate customer service requires your team on the ground to be trained well, hardworking, and dedicated to the success of your organization. Atlanta Bonded Warehouse values success for its customers and its employees. Here’s what that entails.

The Warehousing Team

Atlanta Bonded Warehousing facilities are located in five states (Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas), occupying millions of square feet of space. Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and security features. While we have automated some of our operations with our Tier One Warehouse Management System (WMS), our employees are still the key operators on our warehouse and distribution center floors.

To provide our customers with unrivaled on-time deliveries, we must ensure our team members are ready to do their jobs as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our cross-docking services may help streamline logistics and operations, but our team must still know what they’re doing. ABW’s cross-docking facilities are the stage upon which our warehouse team shines. Effectively assisting in shipping and receiving freight, unloading trucks, sorting goods, and submitting the necessary paperwork so a customer’s order can continue its journey; the role of our employees is crucial.

Working at Atlanta Bonded Warehouse

We’ve built a reputation for teamwork; we’re as committed to our employees as our customers. But, to ensure we stand true to the quality standards we promise our customers, we hire staff that meet our values and standards:

  • Integrity: Achieving the high levels of customer satisfaction for which we’ve become known can only occur if all team members are reliable and trustworthy. The safe delivery of our client’s goods is partly thanks to a committed team working together with a common goal.
  • Accountability: We encourage all ABW staff to own their work and responsibilities. We want our employees to feel pride in the vital work they do every day, and accountability is a crucial part of this pride. Promoting accountability also ensures every point in the storage and distribution chain is monitored and managed.
  • Safety: Our focus on safety makes us one of the safest warehousing environments in the industry. As a team, ABW prioritizes safety in the workplace. Our employees respect the safety of their colleagues and, in turn, feel safe and supported themselves.

We attract the best-skilled candidates by ensuring a comfortable working environment; our warehouses are temperature controlled, so they are pleasant to work in, no matter the sweltering heat or harsh winter outside. While our employee safety record is unparalleled, we cover 100% of a team member’s healthcare costs, assisting with a low-deductible healthcare plan and extra medical, dental, and vision insurance for them and their family members where applicable.

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse team members feel supported by the life insurance we pay for, short and long-term disability cover, and a 401k Plan. Supported employees feel secure, perform their best work, and value their jobs; we know this, which is why we have such a low turnover rate. Plus, we acknowledge that good work often follows a good rest, so we give our employees paid vacation time yearly.

Valued Employee, Valued Customer

If you’re looking for a 3PL provider with a team you can trust to deliver outstanding customer service and the results your business deserves, get in touch with us, and we’ll help you find the right solution for your needs.

If Atlanta Bonded Warehouse sounds like the right place for you to grow into a new role, visit our Employment Opportunities page and complete the form so we can contact you.