75 Years On: How Has Atlanta Bonded’s Warehousing Changed?

Warehouse facilities and operations, as we know it today, would be unrecognizable to the operators of storage facilities from the first half of the twentieth century. Today, the warehousing and distribution industry is worth nearly 700 billion US dollars and is expected to grow at a 6.84% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), reaching an anticipated 960 billion dollars by 2028.

North America represents the largest market for warehousing and distribution. With rising online shopping, wider shipping networks, and changes in consumer behavior, the role of the warehouse is increasingly integral to the success of the supply chain.

Looking back at Atlanta Bonded Warehouse’s origins, it is inspiring to see where logistics and warehousing have moved and the innovative changes that continue to take place. From increased reliance on digital solutions that require their own securities to an increased demand for rapid, reliable, and excellent services, we will look at how Atlanta Bonded Warehouse is rich in experience while staying current with the latest technologies.

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse’s History

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse (ABW) began in 1948, providing temperature-controlled warehousing to the confectionery industry. Gradually, over the decades, the company expanded its facilities and, in 1981, changed its name from Acme Bonded Warehouse to Atlanta Bonded Warehouse. Between 1981 and 1990, ABW received contracts to construct and operate a regional distribution center in Kennesaw, Atlanta, GA. The Atlanta RDC facility has been expanded twice to reach nearly 770,000 square feet and 30.9 acres.

Later years saw further expansion, opening nine public operations in metro Atlanta and dedicated facilities in neighboring states like North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, and Texas.

Read more about our history and our many decades in the warehousing industry.

How Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Works Today

Today, Atlanta Bonded Warehouse handles 750 million cases and 8.2 million pallets annually, over 15 warehouses across the southeast and southwest. Our warehousing services are equipped to handle the freight of small and large companies, and, in many ways, we’ve stayed true to our confectionery warehousing roots.

We offer temperature-controlled (55-75° F) and ambient (40-90° F) warehousing solutions. We are equipped with the resources and the experience to service the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, consumer packaged goods (CPGs), snacks and beverages, food-grade products, and our original client, the confectionery industry.

Our Technology

Our predecessors would not recognize the technology we use in our warehousing and distribution centers today.

We believe in investing in the technology necessary to maintain strict inventory control, to prepare for unexpected events that are “every day,” and to ensure our clients’ shipments arrive securely on time as ordered every time.

Our EDI systems are cutting-edge and allow us to communicate with our customers’ systems as mapped. We support multiple communication methodologies, providing our clients additional flexibility to meet their needs regardless of their technological resources.

With the rise in digital and technological solutions comes a new threat from cyber criminals. Maintaining the security of our systems and records is a top priority, which is why our entire warehouse team is trained to anticipate and block any security issues upfront.

As retail supply chains are becoming more streamlined, requiring more frequent deliveries, shorter transit times, and an uninterrupted supply chain, we continue to update and improve our internal processes to meet these demands.

After 70 years, we know warehousing and distribution more than most. However, we’re still consistently evolving and innovating, ensuring our technology keeps us ahead of the curve and our clients growing their businesses.

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