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How a JDS WMS Strengthened Our Warehouse Management Operations

Atlanta Bonded Warehouse Corporation (ABW) is the leading third-party logistics (3PL) provider of public and contract food-grade, temperature-controlled warehousing and distribution services throughout the Southeast. With more than 70 years of experience working with customers across the United States, our company handles 650+ million cases and 7.6 million pallets across 4.87 million square feet of warehouse space every year, and our in-house carrier, Colonial Cartage Corporation, takes these services a step further by offering LTL service throughout the Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, and Great Plains.

Considering Our Warehouse Management Options

When the time came to upgrade our legacy paper-based warehouse management system (WMS) to a more efficient digital-based system, we knew we were looking for WMS software with a great user experience that would allow us to move our customers’ products through their supply chains in a more efficient manner. However, we also wanted our new WMS system to retain the ability to track and trace food lot codes to comply with food safety requirements.

Why We Chose a JDA Warehouse Management System

We spent many months carefully researching our options, and on the end, we chose to partner with JDA Software Group, Inc. and implement an all-in-one, customizable warehouse management system (WMS) to standardize our operations. JDA Warehouse Management is a comprehensive warehouse and distribution center management system that is designed to help third-party logistics providers, product manufacturers, retailers, and distributors quickly adapt to a rapidly shifting omni-channel world through the optimization of operations management and real-time inventory handling.

How JDA WMS Implementation Strengthened Our Company

In the first five years after the initial rollout of our JDA warehouse management system (and JDA warehouse labor management system), we were able to increase efficiency within our warehousing facilities — including refining task management for warehouse workers, maximizing our inbound and outbound tasks by reducing trips with empty forks, and tracking individual employee performance measurements. Above all, the extensive configuration capabilities of our JDA software empowers us to provide our valued customers with an even stronger 3PL experience and offer industry-standard customer support to address any supply chain management needs that our clients have.

Warehouse Management Software Case Study

Want to learn more about how JDA WMS solutions helped Atlanta Bonded Warehouse standardize warehouse operations and become an all-in-one provider to our customers? Read the full case study.

JDA WMS White Paper: Standardizing Warehouse Operations White Paper