Why Atlanta Bonded Warehouse?

Stability of Ownership

How often have you have transitioned to a new 3PL better  suited to your culture, aligned with your strategy, and focused on your business only to experience an ownership change at the 3PL that turns your business upside down with its “new direction.”  At ABW, after 45 years, we are on the second generation of the same ownership...and looking forward to the third.

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Core Competencies – We focus on Not Being Everything to Everybody

Our experience in public and contract warehousing services, LTL and contract transportation services, and co-packaging speaks for itself. Our best solutions tie two or all three of these services together into one integrated offering. The more integrated the offering, the more competitive the costs and the higher the service levels.

Track Record – Not Interested in Second Place

We are proud to have been Hershey’s DC Operator of the Year for 5 consecutive years. In addition, we have received the Wrigley Lifetime Achievement Award. If we are not first in every published scorecard measuring lowest cost and highest service, we know we have to improve.


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Investments in Facilities, Technology, and People – Sound Business Process requires Time and Money

We have over-invested in our facilities for two reasons: so they will last longer and our maintenance costs will be lower. We have purchased and are implementing a tier-one WMS system, not because our current WMS does not work, but because it will not be good enough in the future. Our people are our greatest asset: how many multi-state 3PLs have less than 12% turnover annually in their warehouse workforce?

Decision Making - Change is Not Patient

When something needs to be done, whether tactical or strategic, your customers want answers and action. You should expect the same from your 3PL. At ABW and Colonial Cartage, we have no boards, no operating committees, and no steering committees, but we do have timely answers and execution.

Flexibility in Pricing and Structure – A Fair Deal for a Long Time

Our time horizon is not the next earnings call or the next investors' committee meeting. We are interested in long-term relationships because that is where the most value can be created for both our companies and for yours. 

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Please visit Colonial Cartage Corporation at www.colonialcartage.com for more information on the transportation services provided by our sister company.

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